If you’ve ever had a hair colour go wrong, you’ll know how unhappy this can leave you!  

Whether your hair colour is not what you’re looking after previous colour sessions, you’ve used a ‘home-colour’ product with the wrong result, you’ve changed your mind on a chosen colour or your simply looking to embark on a brand new colour change.  We’ve seen many clients in the salon, for a variety of reasons.

At GOLSON Hair Salon in Milton Keynes, we have two in-salon GOLDWELL Colour Masters on hand.  One of the things we love the most is to put the beauty back into your colour and restore the love for your hair.  

                                                                                                        Whether it’s beautifully blending, toning down a brassy blonde, restoring over coloured hair or you fancy something new.

Book your complimentary consultation with us at GOLSON hair salon and walk out of the salon feeling fantastic.



We are here to help get your hair back into a healthy condition, and restore your confidence with a hair colour that you love. 

We’ll recommend the best methods of keeping your new colour fresh & silky through styling and home care products!

With a selection of treatments and our protective BondPro+ you can be sure you’re in good hands with your hair in tip top condition.


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