The Science Behind What Makes Your Hair Grow!

How Fast Does Hair Grow? At GOLSON Hair Salon in Milton Keynes

The Science Behind What Makes Your Hair Grow!Do you ever wonder how long it will take to get your hair to the length you want it? Or asked your hairstylist how fast your hair grows?  

At GOLSON hairdressing salon in Milton Keynes, our expert hair stylists separate the myths from the science to bring you all the facts about how your hair grows.

The average person has an incredible 100,000 hair follicles on their head that grow at the rate of around ½ an inch
per month or 0.35mm a day!  

The rate at which they grow is determined largely by genetics and diet as well as hormones varying the speed at which they sprout.

Women who are expecting often have beautiful shiny hair thanks to the extra hormones charging around their bodies with many saying ther hair is thicker and healthier looking.

The science behind your hair explained at top Milton Keynes hair salon

When you cut your finger it hurts right? Why does it not hurt when your hairdreser cuts your hair from your head? Pay close attention as we explain why…

Your hair starts to grow from a small pocket in the skin called a follicle, it then travels up and as it increases in length it pokes through the skin and can be seen. The hair shaft is made up of a strong protein known as keratin and when it is visable on the scalp it is in fact already dead which is why you can’t feel anything when you get your hair cut!

The medulla, cortex and the cuticle make up each individual strand of hair with the cortex and the medulla storing the colour pigment that gives your hair its colour.

Why won’t my hair grow any longer?

Sometimes the length to which your hair will grow is out of your hands even with regular hair treatments and hair cuts the hair simply will not grow thanks to the size and shape of our hair follicles.

If you have round shaped hair follicles these will grip the hair better and have a better chance of staying attached whilst flatter hair follicles struggle to hold on to the hair and are often associated with shorter hair lengths.  

As your hair grows and gets longer it also gets heavier until the follicle gets too heavy to hold and sheds the hair. Don’t panic though – it will grow another!

what makes hair grow? Golson hair salon in Milton KeynesHow to grow your hair faster and longer – tops tips from GOLSON Hair Salon in Milton Keynes

The hair experts at GOLSON hairdressing salon in Milton Keynes can not make hair grow longer than it wants to however they can give you their top hair tips to help your hair grow faster leading to longer looking locks.

●Eat a rich diet including protein, zinc and iron
●Take supplements to help nourish your follicles and encourage hair growth
●Use a gentle shampoo that gently exfoliates the scalp
●Regular haircuts – although this will not make your hair grow faster it will prevent breakage
therefore increasing length.

What causes damage to my hair?

The team of skilled hairstylists at our hairdressing salon in Milton Keynes advise not using shampoos containing nasties such as silicones and sulphates as they can degrade the hair and cause hair breakage.  Minimise the use of heated appliances as they weaken and break the hair shaft. 

At our Milton Keynes hair salon the expert hairstyling team suggest regular haircuts and using professional hair care products that suit the natural type and texture of your hair. This will help to strengthen your hair and give it a shiny glossy result.

Luxury hair treatments at GOLSON hair salon in Milton Keyneshair massage washing Golson Hair Salon Milton Keynes

At GOLSON hair salon in Milton Keynes we offer a variety of luxury deep conditioning hair treatments as well as Kerasilk Smoothing Treatments that will leave your hair looking healthy and smooth. Find out more about the hair services that we offer at GOLSON hair salon in Milton Keynes.

Visit the hair experts at GOLSON Hair Salon in Milton Keynes

If you would like to book an appointment with one of our professional hairstylists in Milton Keynes GOLSON hair salon or would like further advice regarding the hair services that we offer, call our friendly team on 01908 904499

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